I always loved having nice nails, but unfortunately could never keep my natural nails a decent length. I tried different salons, tried acrylic and hard gel but was never happy. they either didn't last long enough and always ruined my nails. when they were removed, they were paper thin! it was then that I decided to train and do my own! well, my business grew from there.....


my number one priority is your natural nail health. a set of extensions or gel polish always includes cuticle work and thorough nail preparation without filing into your natural nail. I specialise in sculpted gel extensions and do not use tips or glue. this ensures a more natural AND seamless finish. 

I use professional products that are 10 chemical free and big 5 free, VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE. my clients generally find that their nails are stronger and healthier after having nail treatments with me, than before they had extensions or polish. it is really important to care for your nails and extensions and to use a good cuticle oil every day. it is also really important that you have your extensions and gel polish removed professionally to ensure your nails remain strong and healthy. ALSO, REMEMBER NOT TO USE THOSE GORGEOUS NEW ENHANCEMENTS TO OPEN CANS OR PICK AT THINGS.....REMEMBER, THEY ARE JEWELS, NOT TOOLS!!! 

I also offer ibx treatments, which actually repair and strengthen your natural nails. it is fantastic for people that have had chemotherapy. it is the perfect treatment for those of you with damaged nails and a protective treatment to have under your nail enhancements.


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