The truth about E-Files !!!

Whats an E-File?, I hear you say! Well its what is more commonly known as a drill and I have always been against the use of them.....until now. I realise the perception I had of them goes back to when I had my nails done years ago in one of the salons that you can visit where you are treated like a product on a conveyor belt. I remember the feeling well. That burning sensation on my nail, that heat and soreness. I remember pulling my finger away and saying 'Ouch' and it just continued. Since then I have been against their use.

I began having Nail Clients a couple of years ago and only used Hand Files as believed this was much better for your nails.....although, I have had a nail damaged from the use of a Hand File too, so realise that actually its all down to the Nail Technician!

I confess that I changed my mind about E-Files after I started to experience pain in my hands and started to research more. I got in touch with the Hazel Dixon Academy and spoke with the Award Winning Nail Artist and booked in a course in how to use this tool. I was a little apprehensive, but after thorough training with Kayley, I fell in love with it. I learnt so much! I would not use it on the natural nail, although confess that cuticle work has become my favourite use of the tool. If you use the correct bit at the correct stage of the manicure then there is absolutely no harm to the clients nails at all. I have purchased a high quality E-File that is used by dentists and I'm so happy with this investment. My fussiest client is my lovely sister and she prefers it to the hand filing now!

In fact, all of my clients have expressed that it super comfortable. So if you're concerned about the use of E-Files like I was, then have a chat with your Nail Technician. Don't be afraid to ask about their training. You have to receive training in order to be insured to use it. I love having my E-File in my toolkit. It makes all the difference in giving my client a full service and ensuring their manicure is tip top!

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